Babies + Music = Magic!

When is the perfect time to start Music Together®? As soon as possible!


Did you know your baby's auditory system is the first system to develop? It is functional when your baby is four months old in utero. Babies can recognize their mother's voices upon birth and will often turn their faces towards their mothers if they hear them singing or talking! Parents talk to their babies on Day One, why not sing to them on Day One, too? You will create emotional, nurturing bonds with your child that will deepen as time passes. Feed your baby's brain by attending our Music Together classes. Babies are a welcome and integral part of our mixed-age classes, so register today and watch the magic unfold.



  • Why does your baby "bounce to the beat" when listening to certain songs?
  • How can singing with your infant help them create neural pathways to aid in speech and communication?
  • How will dancing with your baby help their gross and fine motor skills?
  • Learn about music and how important it is to your baby's brain development.
  • Learn how incorporating music into your child's life will help them develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


Do you have a group of new mothers looking for music for their children? Get a group of 5 friends together and we can customize a babies class for all of you! 

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Singing to Children May Help Develop Language Skills
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