Testimonials - Michelle Tate


We are loving the Zoom music class! This morning Myles sat on the couch and asked "more Miss Michelle on the TV please". He was disappointed you weren't available. Yesterday, they both talked about your chicken for hours. I was able to capture a video of them discussing the chicken at lunch time. (I know sometimes it can be hard to hear and understand toddlers, so I repeated what they said to help.)  When their mom came in at the end of the day and asked about their day, Myles excited yelled "I saw a chicken" ��
- Katrina L.

Dear Michelle, We love taking Music Together® with you and look forward to many more sessions together! Thank you for always being so warm and kind towards Ranbir and reassuring to me.
Fondly, Sita and Ranbir

Michelle, thank you for opening your heart to my children, and making our lives better. We started Music Together when Sawyer was speech delayed as a one year old. He was quiet and reserved, but as you promised, he was listening and watching. After a few months, he began to sing and then speak. Each week, he looks forward to going to music class. He demands that we listen to the CD in the car, singing along to his favorite songs. There is no doubt in my mind that music class helped him learn to speak. 

Your enthusiasm and love for learning is evident in each class. It takes a true committed professional to tailor each class to the needs of the group, and to attend to the needs of each child. As Sawyer grew more comfortable in class, he began to actively run and explore - a less patient teacher would have encouraged him to sit and sing. Instead, you helped me learn that movement is an important part of learning. Soon, Sawyer returned to my lap, and showed through song and gesture that he truly had been learning.
Your understanding of the needs of all children, inclusive nature, love of music and kids is evident. 
My sincerest thanks for sharing Music Together with us. 
Love, The Tobiasson Family

Dearest Ms. Michelle, Thank you for making my birthday party the most memorable, best one ever!! You are simply Brilliant, our singing sun!
- Lots of Love, Penny

Dear Miss Michelle, Thank you for helping me grow with music. Your class with our music friends is my FAVORITE PLACE to be!
- Love Astrid

Dear Michelle, You are an amazing teacher. So much fun in your class, Always! My boys love the songs and dances each week and I love to see thier faces light up when they hear the music or I say "it's time for Music Class". Thank you for being awesome!
-Julie, Jayden and Ryder

Thank you so much for your truly wonderful class! Both Lila and I have learned so much in the last 6 months. It is amazing to watch how your class has taught her the fun of music, and to see her discover that music is all around her.
- Caitlin and Lila

Dear Michelle, Thank you for your fun, enthusiastic, flexible and loving attitude! You are a true master and we have loved all our classes with you at Music Together!
- Heather and Brown

Michelle, Thank you so SO much! Maggie is in heaven having her books back in her life...we're looking forward to many more!
- Erin and Maggie

Miss Michelle, Thank you for another great year of music! You are so incredibly talented and we love your classes!
-The Orams

Paige loves music class so much! She has really opened up there over the past few weeks, and she sings the songs at home, even teaching them to her big sister. We are all really enjoying it! In all honesty I have not seen her so engaged in activity as she is there. It makes me so happy!

Simply stated, Miss Michelle is my daughter Taylor's hero. Miss Michelle makes Taylor feel extremely special at every single class, while still doting on all of the other children. We both love how fun, silly and animated Miss Michelle is! She makes music so much fun!

Miss Michelle, Thank you for all the love and support you give our family and making music so enjoyable. Music has become a wonderful way we can play and communicate withour kids <3.
- The Knup Family

Dear Michelle, Thank you for another year of being a blessing in my life and teh lives of our pre-schoolers. We delight in your exuberant outpouring of enthusiasm and love. I am so lucky to have you as a friend as well as a music teacher. The kids are lucky too! Calli Too!
Love, Ellen Kerstein, Small Miracles Preschool

Dear Miss Michelle, Thank you so much for such a wonderful musical year! - Elly and Corianne

Michelle, Eliot and I want to thank you for the high quality class you run each week that we enjoy so much. The momentum and variety of activities during class keeps interest high. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for the adult educational tips. The D - A 5th note sequence that a young child uses to enter into song, the harmony exposure you offer and for us visual learners, the DeColores prompt on the wall. The closure with your flute and By'N By is one of my favorite moments of the class. You run an all around A+ program.
Appreciatively, Sue B. (Grammy) and Eliot (My very special grandson!)

Dear Miss Michelle, Thank you for teaching me how to drum. I have learned so much from you. I will always think of you when I play my drum. You are the best music teacher.
- Love Theresa


Bridget, Val and I attended your Music Together class today at 10:10 AM. Bridget absolutely loves it and doesn't stop talking about all the instruments when we get home. She is really enjoying herself. 
I'm sure you've noticed Bridget is very active. She has a hard time sitting still and focusing...but she is most definitely paying attention. Bridget has some developmental delays that we are working through. Val works with her through early intervention to help her navigate some things that she has trouble with. I'm sure you've noticed we are very much on top of her but it's because we are trying to reinforce some behaviors and not develop habits that will make it harder for her to assimilate long term. She loves music, so Music Together is a really great place for her to practice many of the skills she is working on. It's only been recently that she has started imitating and I notice she copies many of your dance moves and stretches...which is awesome.
You have been so kind and patient with her, I truly appreciate it! Sometimes it's hard to bring her places because she can't sit in one place for very long or focus (although how many two year olds can??) But I feel very comfortable letting her explore the class and be able to exist as she is. Anyways. I'm know I come over as helicoptery but it's really because we are using the Music Together class as dual platform to explore and enjoy music, and practice skills she has been working on at home in a real class amongst her peers.
I made the mistake this morning of telling Bridget we were going to music class about 20 mins before we were actually leaving and she went and sat by the door and couldn't wait to go! I think it felt like forever to her.

- Emily and Bridget

Dear Michelle, Thank you for everything you do for Noah! 
 - Christy and Noah

Dear Michelle, I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for being a WONDERFUL teacher. We had such an awesome time with you. You treated each child in class with such talent, kindness, love and humor. Your level of awareness is extraordinary. One of my favorite memories was attending a "makeup class" at anouth location. Halfway through the class, Penelopewas startin go grow anxious we didn't do "makeup"!! Without skipping a beat you stared doing movement looking like you were applying mascara. Thank you for sharin gyour wonderful gift of being you! Please keep in touch! 
Love, Lisa, Penelope, Clarine & Lola

Dear Michelle, We met with Avery's preschool teachers right before she finished school for the year and the one thing they told us is that she LOVES to sing and dance. They also told us that if we want her to learn anything (like our tax returns!) that we need to teach it to her in song. She knows the months of the year, the days of the week, etc. all because they've taught them to the kids in song. I told her teachers that we've been taking Avery to Music Together since she was little, and that I'm sure that has something to do with her love of music.  Just thought I'd pass this on since you've been her music teacher this whole time.
- Nicole P.

Gunnar has always resisted naps. He knows the going to bed routine and starts to fuss the moment we start walking up the stairs. This morning, he and Bode were especially needy (I went to work today) and when the three of us sat in his chair to read stories, he lost it. I tried reading some of his favorite books but he wouldn’t calm down. I then opened up our Bongos MT book and sang the first song in the book and he instantly stopped fussing. We went through the whole book, singing a line or two from each song and they both just relaxed. Gunnar went to sleep afterwards without a fight and Bode fell back into our routine and greeted our babysitter happily. It also calmed me down and helped me refocus myself. 

We often listen to the newest cd in the evening when I’m making dinner and it also calms us all down. I can tell the boys are really listening to the music. Bode has always played well by himself when music class music is on- he also can’t get enough of Jumpin' Josie! 
- Savannah L.

Dear Michelle,
Today when I saw Theresa on the stage drumming, dancing and singing, my eyes were teared up.

Theresa is a child who learned to sing in tune before she was able to talk, who learned to move with beat before she was able to walk. It took her 22 months to walk with support. I used to walk her around the house many times a day and noticed that she always walked better when the music was on. She would stopped walking when the music stopped.

She had difficulty dealing with unexpected activities and reactions when she was in preschool. She is doing better now.

When you talked about today's concert at Southgate in Shrewsbury a few weeks ago, Theresa told me that she wanted to go. I, of course said yes to her. But deep in my mind, I also knew that she might change her mind. I also let her know that if she decided not to participate, it would be perfectly fine. We would sit and watch. She told me assertively that she wanted to perform on the stage with her Rhythm Kids pals and you.

I purposely got there a little earlier to give her chance to get familiar with the place and still thinking that she might change her mind not to get on the stage in front of the audience.

As a mother, I know how far she has come along. Today was a huge milestone for Theresa and I am so proud of her. I will never forget it. She told me tonight before she went to bed that she would write about today's event at school tomorrow. I want to thank you for your kindness, patience and encouragement. Most importantly, thank you for embracing her with love and gentleness.
- Jen 

Hi Michelle!
Gabrielle has recently started singing more wiht music :) We were playing Music Together songs today that she hasn't heard in months...some are even from before she could talk....she remembers all the words!! Amazing! I just wanted to share this with you and THANK YOU for getting more music in our girls :)
- Alex

Michelle, Thank you for a wonderful year of music! 
-Lila and Ben

Dear Michelle, I just wanted to say thank you for these years of music classes! I have really treasured the opportunity to connect with Noah and Reece through music and dancing. You have also watched both boys grow - so lovely to have known you through this time! I so admire your vitality and joy of music and your flexibility and love of children. I hope that we can stay in touch.
-All my love, Rebecca

Michelle, It's been such a pleasure coming to class every week for the last three years. Both children have LOVED it and you have made the experience so special for all of us. The world needs more kind hearts and passionate souls like you. You have such a gift and I'm so glad you share it with all of us!! 
Love, Lindsey (Sam and Jojo's nanny)

Dear Michelle, It is hard to sum up our thanks for the invaluable gift you have given us this year, of yourself. You are truly an outstanding teacher and your inspiration permeates daily life - e.g. from the moment we enter the car, it's "Michelle's music please!"
- Love, Rebecca, Matt and Sarah

Dear Michelle, Just a little something to say "Thank you" for another great year of Music Together! Seeing the girls randomly singing the songs is too cute. And without these classes, I would officially know about 5 kids songs. You are a wonderful teacher and I do not think the class would have been as fun with someone else leading it. You made it special for all of us! Thank you again!
- Love, Emma, Kyra and Kerry T. 

Thank you for inspiring my love of music, Miss Michelle!!

Michelle, Zoe has grown so much since we started music class with you a year and a half ago. She was crawling, she didn't say very much and she stayed tucked in my lap for the whole class. She now sings our songs in the car, and in her crib, she loves to run around during class and best of all, she really enjoys giving you a big hug at the end of class. Thank you for introducing Zoe to music - we have both truly enjoyed our time with you and we will continue to sing and dance as much as we can. You are amazing.
- Our love and gratitude, Amy and Zoe H. 

We love, love, love Michelle!

Michelle, You're the best! We have enjoyed your class over the past year. Thanks for bringing so much joy, enthusiasm and music in our lives every Thursday!
- Kate and Julia D.

Michelle, You are TRULY a SPECIAL person. We always look forward to beginning our Fridays with you. Thank you for the energy adn love you bring to our class...and in turn, place in our hearts.
- With love and appreciation - Caitlyn, Joe, Tracey and Alannah

(Michelle) is amazing. I love her energy and her understanding of child behavior.
- Kelsey

(Michelle) is high energy and makes the class fun for baby and mom. She truly loves the kids and the children love her. She is musically talented, and supportive of all parent involvement!
- Lila

Dear Miss Michelle, Thank you so much for the energy, enthusiasm, and love for music and children that yo ushare with your classes each week!
-Love, Ellie, Jenny and Cori

Dear Michelle, Thank you for ordering the drum for me. That was very kind of you. You are the best teacher! I look forward to seeing you!
- Love, Theresa

Ms. Michelle, Thank you for your musical joy! - Sarah, Logan and Emelia

Dear Michelle, Thank you! I have to tell you, ever since last week when Rick brought him to class and you all sang "Me, You, We," Sam had a lightbulb moment where he figured out what me and you means and every night before I put him to bed, he points to himself and says 'me' and then points to his mama and says 'you'. He really studies you in class and then comes home and repeats everything, Even the yoga moves in the beginning of class. We love your class so much:) We will be having another boy in July, so will be with you for many years to come:) 
- Surell and Sam

Thank you for showing us how to love music!
-Harper and Mac

Thank you for bringing so much joy to our Thursdays!
- Sarah and Nick

Thanks for contributing to Tyler's love of music and song
-Tyler and Maggie

Michelle, thank you for a wonderful year that both kids LOVED!
Kerri, Emma and Kyra

Thank you, Michelle, for all you do to enrich our lives!
- Love, Jenny, Violet and Ben

Good Morning Michelle, I have to take a moment here to THANK YOU for bringing this experience to both my children. We love the songs and listen to them all of the time at home and in the car! It is interesting to see how Neer absolutely loves drums! I sometimes think he prefers that to the other class!

Miss Michelle and Miss Jen, Thank you so much for introducing our daughter to music! You both were so wonderful and caring with Lydia and we cannot thank you enough. We will always remember this class as her 1st class ever and that you both made it so special! Your enthusiasm for music shows. Keep touching the lives you do… and we won’t stop singing!
- Love, The Tevlins

Dear Miss Michelle, (from son, Will) "I hope you enjoy your day so that you make sure you can go to the bathroom whenever you want."
 Thank you for an amazing music experience. You are music.
- Will & Nikki

Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for sharing yoru wonderful talent, your kind heart, and joyous spirit!
- Love, Quinn and family

Michelle, Thank you so much for making our fall and winter so much brighter and happier with your music! The kids love your energy and warmth and sing th songs all the time at home. It has been so much fun to see then learn!
- Nolan, Natalie and Heather

Hi again Michelle, I remembered that I wanted to write you and let you know how wonderful your class is. Bode loves the music so much, it has become so familiar to him (probably because we listen to it so much). If he is fussy at all, his Music Together® cd will quiet him and help him enjoy car rides during errands or get him through cranky times at the end of the day. My husband especially appreciates the "power of the music" because it works every single time. It also calms him when we just sing the songs to him - the cd is not always required! 

Bode is my first baby and we spend a lot of time together, making him a very clingy 12 month old - which I know is age appropriate! But, having this class to come to every week has really helped him be a little more sociable and has helped me overcome my own anxieties of meeting new people. The class is familiar and fun and he definitely remembers that. I think Bode is at a turning point in his shyness...this week anyway. 

I look forward to watching Bode turn into even more of a human, and a musical one at that! I am very happy to have found your class and you can count on us for the next 5-6 years or so (since there is another Littman brewing ??). See you tomorrow!
- Savannah

P.S. Bode has been making rhythms. He always hits his toys together but lately he's been hitting them twice and then hitting the ground twice and repeating. He does it clapping too! Just goes to show how much they really take in, it's so exciting. 

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Rose has grown and developed so much through the past 6 weeks - because of you! 
-Erin and Rose

MT has been a huge part of my life since Emma was 1, in large part due to our beloved teacher in Alexandria, VA. Did I tell you that I went into labor with Zach during class? It has truly become a part of the fabric of my life! I was curious how things would go/change when we moved here, but feel SO lucky we found YOU! You are a truly amazing and passionate teacher and it brings our family a lot of joy - so thank you!!!! It's part of our week I very much look forward to :)

Dear Miss Michelle, My 19-month-old daughter has just finished her second session of Music Together, and we have had a wonderful experience so far! While Violet is often quiet and still in class, she watches Michelle with rapt attention and absorbs everything. Now, when I tell her we are going to a class that morning, she sings "Hello Everybody" right back to me every time. She also sings several of the songs to herself when she is getting ready to nap and when we're riding in the car. The program is so rewarding for both of us, and I have a good time singing, too!
- Virginia

Thank you for helping my love of music BLOOM!
- Love Garion

Miss Michelle, Thank you for a WONDERFUL year o music. Jack adores you adn talks about music class all the time...not to mention his nonstop joyous singing. We appreciate you and the experience you have given to Jack.
- Jack, Katie and Rob B.

Michelle,Thank you so much for bringing music into our lives in such an incredibly positive way. We had so much fun singing and dancing with you on Wednesdays - you are truly great at what you do. Thank you for your patience, your enthusiasm and your care. 
-Sarah, Nicholas and Holly

Michelle - Thank you for coming to my house and leading a Music Together class. My friends are still talking about how much fun it was.
- Thanks Again, Alex C.

Dear Michelle, We have heartily enjoyed your classes and thank you for all you have done to make our Music Together experience a wonderful one.
- Sarah, Chad, Grace and Anya

Thank you for a fabulous musical year for Danny (and my mom).
- Andrea

Kind of random and off topic but my son has music therapy with Jen Lentz! He has autism and is non verbal. I'll tell you I've seen him respond more to music therapy than any other speech therapy he's been getting through the years. I wish I knew about Music Together when he was younger.  It's pretty amazing. Just thought you'd like to hear that :)

Miss Michelle,
Thank you for being such a wonderful, kind, and caring teacher. We look forward to many years of music class with you! 
 - Love, Alex & Elizabeth, Luke & Jenn, Alice & Jill, Julia & Heidi, AnnaMaria & Katie

I would definitely sign up with Michelle if you can. She is just wonderful - extremely warm and very engaging with all the kids, really pays very good attention to every child. She is very high energy, has a wonderful voice and is just very loving...my daughter was extremely shy in class and Michelle was so gentle and loving with her that my child really opened up to her...I highly recommend her!

I can vouch for Michelle - she's a fantastic instructor. Lots of energy, patience, and is really great with the kids.

I love Michelle. We have had her for 3 different classes and she's awesome!

Dear Michelle,
Thank you for all the effort and love you put into your music classes. Margaret, Will (and even Aidan) and I have truly benefitted and will be singing these songs and be connected by this experience through our lives. We will be sure to stop in to visit -
- Nikki 

Hi Michelle 
You’re a blast! 
Love, Henry and Charlie

Thank you so much for a great year. Grace gets so much out of your class. And it was so nice to expose Ella to music so early in life. 
- Elizabeth 

Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for organizing such an amazing winter and spring music adventure or us all! We have loved spending our Friday mornings with you...Thank you for a TOTALLY wonderful experience!
- XO - Lucy, Ciaran, and Nuala

Hey Michelle, I just wanted to thank you very much for music class and how awesome you are with Gary.
- Love Michael and Gary

Thank you so much for four enjoyable years in Music Together. It has been a wonderful experience to share with my grandchildren, and I appreciate all your efforts that contributed to that.
- Best, Rachel B.

Dear Michelle,
Thank you so very much...for your inspirational music class...
-Corinne and Brady

Dear Michelle, Dan, Hailey and I have had such an amazing experience with Music Together. It is a wonderful program and you are a gifted teacher and a very special person. You hvae given us tones in our heads, rhythms in our bodies, and joy in our herats.
- Fondly, Harriet and Dan

Thanks for being a great teacher and making class so much fun.
- Love Marg and Jamie Z.

Michele - Thank you for a wonderful year of music. Lorna has absolutely loved the class.
- Judith and Lorna

Teacher Michelle, 
Thanks for making my birthday so special, I will never forget it. I loved having you dancing and singing with me at my house. Thanks again for everything.
- Love, Olivia

Michelle – Than you for welcoming Christina to the world – you are a big part of our family. I look forward to bringing Christina through the M. T. program.
- Lots of Love, the Mancini’s

Dear Michelle, Just wanted to say thank you for playing "Walk Like An Egyptian" for play along today - this was my father's favorite song (apparently I used to call him "wayo" when I was Noah's age). He passed away when I was younger and this week was the anniversary, so this coincidence meant a lot to me! Another reason music is so powerful!
- Warmly, Christy 

Hi Michelle - We had a blast with you this past weekend! Your energy filled the room and Logan was singing and dancing all day.
- All the best, Meghan

Hi Michelle, Thanks for offering this wonderful class!
- Cindy 

Dear Miss Mishell, Happy birthday! We love you! 
- Love, Gary and Annalee

Hi Michelle, We are looking forward to another fun semester of music!!
- Best, Emily

Thanks for a great semester!
- Patrick, Luke, Lice, Alex, Julia, Anna Maria, Drew, Julia & Oscar 

Hi Michelle, I hope you had a great summer! Emily is looking forward to both Music Together and Rhythm Kids. Thanks!

Thank you for bringing music and joy into our lives.
-Rimma, Doug and Ethan


We miss music class like crazy!! Can't wait to see you in September!

Thank you for being part of Hailey's introduction to music. You are a WONDERFUL teacher! We look forward to our Wednesday morning music with you!
 - Myah and Hailey S.

Hi Michelle, Just wanted to say that Ahmee's baby sister was born yesterday! I'm going to register them both for class. I'm sure she'll love it as much as Ahmee!

I will be signing up again for another session- we love it!!
Thank you, Val

Dear Miss Michelle, Thank you for being such a great teacher and always making us feel welcome.
- Love, Kiley and Reese

Thank you so much for such great music classes.
- Maura and Youssef

Michelle, Thanks for making music class so much fun!!
- Emerson

Dear Miss Michelle, Thank you so much for coming to my party! My friends and I had a wonderful time making music with you. You made the day even more special by singing my favorite songs! 
- Love Maddie

Michelle, We can't thank you enough for coming to our home and doing a Music Together party for Lauren. We got a lot of great feedback from everyone at the party and more importantly, Lauren and Anthony loved it! I would recommend it to anyone whose kids are into music. 
- Tony, Kerry, Anthony and Lauren C.

Michelle, We cannot thank you enough for the FABULOUS job you did at Hailey's party! She absolutely loves music and is always swaying and bopping her head whenever she hears it! We have you to thank for that! You are wonderful at what you do!
- Myah, Roger and Hailey

Dear Michelle, Thank you...for all your effots in class! We love it and look forward to it each week! We also appreciate the advice and perspective you have on parenting!
- Nina and Shannon W. 

Dear Teacher Michelle, Thank you so much for celebrating Olivia's 3rd birthday with us. We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to make Olivia's birthday so special. You are an amazing musician and teacher. Thanks for all that you do.
Love, Olivia, Julie, Abby and Glen T.

Thank you for making our Thursday mornings so fun!
- Love, Myah and Hailey

Dear Michelle, Your energy is so positive and precious!
- Thank you, Alex