Testimonials - Debbie Crane

"The kids and I are very excited about music classes starting once again! This morning's class with Debbie was fantastic!"
- Nancy P.
"Thank you, it's a 45 minute getaway from the world!"  
- Ellen T.

“Thank you so much for all that you do. H can’t express it much yet as she’s so little, but she has always loved music. Some of her first smiles were due to me singing to her. She grins as soon as she hears the Hello song music, and dances and taps the beat on her body whenever I play the music. My husband and I can’t believe how much these songs are in our heads and find ourselves singing often sometimes as a family after-dinner activity. It brings us all so much joy, and it is precious to see H point to you and smile and try to share things with your image on the screen. I am looking forward to my mother in law being able to experience class as well!”  
Best wishes,
- Mary G. 

My one year old daughter has had the most positive and memorable experience at her first music class ever with Debbie!  She now recognizes, claps and sings/babbles along to all the songs, and has an exploratory interest in musical instruments.  She has increased her language in leaps and bounds since joining the class and loves to try to repeat the words and tones in the songs. Her eyes light up when I put on the Cd or when we arrive at class. She will only sit in her high chair when I play the Cd and immediately stops fussing when I put it on in the car!  It has given us a very special shared experience and allowed her time to socialize with peers and learn from children who are older than her. 

As an experienced educator, I can say that this is a developmentally appropriate and completely engaging verbal, social, rhythmic, and musical experience taught by professional educators who love children. Thank you, Apple Country Music Together!
- Talyn B.


"I was going to just have my wife bring our grandson to class, but I came the first day, and kept coming back because it was so much fun!"
- Michael C.
"I never would have guessed it but he’s definitely taking in a lot. He was singing the goodbye song in his crib tonight: 'we’ll make Music Together®, again!' It was very cute. I’ll see you next week, thanks!"
- Laura P.
"The kids made up their own silly version on Leaves Are Falling at the dinner table the other night. It was called Peas Are Falling... as you can imagine, the floor was a mess, but I was still impressed!
- Jennifer W. B.
"Yesterday I picked "A", (age 3) up from school, and our class CD was playing, as it always is in the car. Frequently he will clap along and throw some words in here/there. When we pulled into the driveway, the Seashell song just started. I turned off the car and turned around to sing it to him, and much to my surprise we sang the most beautiful duet, complete with the hand motions we do in class!  My heart is still full from that moment!  I am so grateful for that experience, the sound of his voice singing that sweet song and our sharing of it will be a treasured memory for a very long time. Thank you for setting us up to have this experience and appreciation of music!"