Download Your Music

Get the most out of your classes by downloading and listening to your music with your child every day!
Each collection is carefully crafted to include songs from the American songbook, international music,
rhythms and chants, and songs without words. Your Music Together® music will become your family's
favorite thing to listen to in the car, at home, and anywhere you can use your "Hello Everybody!" app!

Log in to the Family Music Zone and enter your access code from the inside cover of your song collection CD booklet.
Explore this site for videos, coloring pages, craft ideas, and trivia related to this semester's Music Together song collection!

You can also access the song collections from the "Hello, Everybody!" app.With the app, you can sing along to the songs
with or without the lyrics and have fun with music wherever you are! Download now

Share your music with your family as well. Your code can only be entered in one account, but can be used in many devices
simultaneously. For your ease, we recommend that one person in the family create the account with one email and a
family-friendly password. No personal information is required to create the account. Then add all the codes from the song
collections you own. Share the email address and password with the whole family, including grandparents and caregivers.
They can login to their individual devices, because there is no limit on how many devices can login simultaneously with
the same account email and password to access the music, which is really stored for you in the cloud.

In other words: Your account is independent from any device. It exists in the cloud so you, and your family, can access from
any device with the app, or any computer with a browser, by using the same credentials (email and password).

Family Music Zone

  • The collection featured on the home page is the one most recently unlocked.
  • You may purchase CD, songbook, notation for the collection you already own by being enrolled in class. 
  • The activities section and Let's Play section (in the HE app) is the same content and this includes the songbook and parent guides
    in a flip book format (not downloadable), and bonus activities. 
Hello Everybody App
  • The unlocked music can be found under the "Music" section along the red bar at the bottom of the screen. Try it out and learn the words
    with the karaoke feature! 
  • A digital songbook and bonus activities can be found under "Let's Play." 
  • Find answers to questions about your account here:
  • You can watch video tutorials on creating an account and unlocking music here: