Drum, Dance, Sing, Play, Learn!

Try our sensational new drumming program for children kindergarten and up! 

Rhythm Kids® is the perfect bridge program between Music Together® and formal instrument lessons! 

This unique class features program drumming, dancing, singing and rhythmic games for children Kindergarten and up. Watch your child blossom and hone their musical skills as they learn traditional drum patterns and dance steps each semester.
Featuring the African djembe, children also experience a myriad of rhythmic instruments and activities specifically designed to increase their musical knowledge and abilities. 

Includes: Professional recordings and downloads, online teaching videos with Rhythm Kids® creator Tom Foote, a Songbook with music and activities, membership to our online Family Music Zone with games and activities, access to the "Hello Everybody" App, and a Parent Education booklet and DVD.  

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Students will:
· learn to play in an ensemble
· learn multicultural drumming patterns
· develop a new repertoire on various percussion instruments
· explore movement and dance while singing songs
· play creative games based on rhythm, music and drumming
· create their own rhythm patterns and develop a drumming style 
· have fun with a host of rhythm activities

Rhythm Kids® follows through on Music Together's vision to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development. A special component of the Rhythm Kids class experience is the play-along videos and other materials available online. With the help of a grownup, as needed, children can have drumming play and practice sessions at home with Rhythm Kids® creator Tom Foote himself! While this class is a drop off class, families are warmly welcomed to stay and participate if they desire.

Classes include:
· 9 weekly, 45-minute classes
· 2 CDs each semester
· Access to online in-home activity pages
· Access to online video tutorials and play-alongs

Students will be provided with a hand drum in class if needed. We encourage students to acquire a drum for at-home practice and can sell families a djembe if desired. Students are welcome to bring their own drum to class.


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