Welcome to Apple Country Music Together: home of fun, fabulous and award-winning music programs for your family.

Music Together®


Music Together is the premiere early educational music and movement program based upon on-going research. Internationally recognized, this award-winning program features a blend of musical experiences that will maximize your child's growth and your family's enjoyment and bonding. 

Apple Country offers three Music Together options:
Mixed Age Classes: Our most popular offering is a lively mix of children birth to age six and the adults who love them. Children learn best in a mixed age enviroment which most closely mimics a family environment. 
Babies Classes: This specialized class for children under a year old features activities especially designed for them and includes a supportive, nurturing environment for parents. Parent education regarding the benefits of music making for and with babies is included in Babies classes.
Generations Classes: Dubbed the "ultimate" Music Together class, these include a population of older "grandfriends" who bring their heritage of music making to you and your child. Watch the magic unfold as grandfriends envelop your family with unbridled joy as they sing classics that are in danger of getting lost in our technology - driven world.

Rhythm Kids

Rhythm Kids: The perfect bridge program for your elementary student, Rhythm Kids is the drumming, singing, dancing, game-playing sensation which will prepare your child for formal instrument lessons and playing in ensembles. Classes are full of rhythmic instruction, creativity, and fun. Children will learn basic hand-drumming, rhythms and dances from around the world, and create their own musical phrases, rhythm patterns and verses. Perfect for children kindergarten age and older.