Testimonials - Gina Cranford

Gina is a delightful, kind, attentive and talented music teacher- engaging both adults and children with her calm but enthusiastic demeanor. Asher and I were most happy to be included and look forward to next week.

We adored Gina's class with our first son and are now excited to go back to her with our second son. During our time away we tried out other classes but they all paled in comparison to Gina's. She is upbeat, engaging and warm. I'm a music educator myself and a bit particular about music teachers! Gina made class so interesting for the parents and of course the child. She is an outstanding teacher and greatly shaped the young musicality of my son!

“I am very grateful to you for all the things I have learned from you. Music Together® has made a significant difference in my daily life as a mother. It has had a positive influence on Theresa's growth and development. I cherish the precious memories I had with her in Music Together.”

Miss Gina, we can’t thank you enough for making our first session of Music Together so enjoyable. JP asks every day if we are going to see “his” Miss Gina. See you in January!

 "We don't get the chance to say it during our short time at class, but you have already made such an enormous impact on our lives in such a short time and we are so thankful for you and all you do! I love watching my girls and their love for music, singing, and dancing at such a young age, thanks to you."