Melody Makers Children's Chorus

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Starting January 22, 2018 for 11 weeks
Mondays, 4:45 - 5:45pm  
Concert: to be determined at 2pm

Dress Rehearsal: same day at 12:30pm

Does your Elementary School child LOVE to sing?

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The focus of Melody Makers is to foster the joy of singing in a group. Children learn folk songs and melodies from around the world, including simple harmonies, movements and small instruments for accompaniment. We will share what we have learned with a concert at the end of the session! We at Melody Makers believe that ALL children are musical!

Melody Makers is not your typical children’s chorus. We don’t rehearse with risers or chairs, as we are moving around much of the time, or playing the drums or instruments. We value the process of making music over the product and this can be seen in our rehearsal style. Our concert is a time for the children to share the music that we have been interacting with all session, and the audience is invited to sing along on most every song.

Includes: 11 weekly one hour rehearsals plus a concert performance 

Who: Children in grades 1-6

When: Monday afternoons, starting in September for our Fall Semester and January for our Winter Semester

Where: Rice Memorial Baptist Church, 85 Lincoln St. Northborough

Concert: Melody Makers also hosts a free concert for the families of it's members following each semester. 

Cost: $150 per child

Melody Makers is led by local music teacher Gina Cranford.

Gina has multiple degrees in Choral Conducting and has led choirs for over 10 years, most recently at Algonquin Regional High School. She has taught Music Together®, a music and movement program for young children, for the past 8 years at Apple Country Music Together and has a large following of dedicated families. She looks forward to combining her love of choral music with the playfulness of Music Together.

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 "Make music a participatory experience, creating a dynamic collaboration among the bold and the shy,
the untrained and the trained, the audience and the performers, challenging all of us to be truly amazing."
----Mystic Chorale