Gina's Farewell Party

A Letter to you from Miss Gina

Dear Music Together® families,
Last week was my final Music Together class, at least for a while. After ten years, it seems impossible that I have led my last Goodbye Song.  
All of you have been like family to me. As we have gathered together once a week to make joyful music, you have filled my heart with so many wonderful emotions. It was the best job in the world, and no matter what stressful or negative thoughts followed me into class each day, they would all melt away as we focused on the music and the children.
Music Together has changed me for the better, and I hope it has done the same for your families. I have learned countless bits of information about childhood development and how children learn music. I have tried to share this information with you all in ways that I hope were helpful and meaningful.  I have learned that the process is much more important than the product, and will apply this to all of my future teaching.
The community that we have made together is priceless. Your children have learned to play in and amongst the music sailing around and through them. They have learned that music making isn’t just for professionals and that it is a joyful experience. You have developed rituals, some taken from class, some created on your own, that have enhanced your family life.
Please continue to participate in music making. I hope you all will sign up for classes this fall with Debbie. She is an amazing teacher and was a mentor for me when I was just getting started. Her warmth, humor and lovely voice will capture your hearts. I know it can be hard to switch teachers, but trust me, it will be well worth it!
I am forever grateful for the past ten years. I will never, ever forget any of you.
Goodbye, So Long, Farewell my friends!

Gina's Farewell Party

Our beloved teacher, Gina Cranford, is leaving us this fall to teach music in Framingham. We will miss Gina, and are grateful for all of the lives she has touched through our classes. We are also happy for the families of Framingham who will now benefit from her inspiring teaching style.

You and your family are cordially invitied to celebrate Gina at our special farewell party!

Sunday, August 25th
4:30 - 6PM
Rice Memorial Baptist Church, Northborough


We will sing Gina's favorite songs and enjoy refreshments aftewards.

We will also have a special tote bag for you and your family to autograph for Gina. She will remember you each time she uses it.

If you would like to contribute to our refreshment table or have any party questions, please email Michelle at

We are also thrilled to announce that Debbie Crane will be expanding her schedule by teaching Miss Gina's classes starting this fall! Miss Debbie's calendar opened up just in time, and she's excited to sing, dance and play with all of Miss Gina's families. 


Contact Michelle anytime via phone: 508-944-4360
or via email:
with questions.

Please join us for Gina's party AND our fall classes!
Miss Michelle, Miss Gina & Miss Debbie