Testimonials - Jen Lentz

My son has attended the Music Together® program at Jack's Guitar Garage in North Grafton since it began last year. We love being in Ms. Jen's class - she is such a warm and loving person, and exudes that in her classes.  She makes all children feel welcome.  Ms. Jen takes the time during each class to connect with each child one-on-one whether it be dancing, singing, or showing them how to use the instruments during free play.  Thanks Ms. Jen for making our Music Together class so fun for Brady!

 - Jackie, Brady's Mom

Every week I drive from Boston to North Grafton to attend, with my now 8-month old grandson, the joyous music class Ms. Jen leads for babies, toddlers and young children. She captivates the children with her warmth, her constantly changing music and movement activities, her spontaneity and planfulness! The abilities of the participating children are dramatically different, yet she is able to engage all with learning to play instruments, learning keys, lyrics, and rhythm. Hard to tell who is having more fun, the kids or the adults! My little one is mesmerized throughout the whole 45 minutes! Quite amazing!

- Dr. Lucy Aptekar, Founding Partner, Art Collaborations Worldwide

My daughter started working with Jen Lentz almost 6 years ago, when my daughter was 6 years old. It started as music therapy focusing on piano, but Jen was very flexible and used drums, guitars and shakers to get her interested and moving. My daughter had motor delays and speech delays. Music was an outlet for her and when I met Jen I had a feeling that we found the right person to help her. Jen is always warm, welcoming, kind and peaceful. She runs her practice with a holistic view on a child and is creative in her teachings to work with children's strengths and weaknesses. Jen is always complimentary and it builds self-esteem and confidence in her students. My daughter loves to see Jen each week as she is comfortable with Jen. It has a been a pleasure working with Jen over the years. She has been very good not only to my daughter, but me and my whole family.

- Suzanne M.

My 15 year old autistic daughter, Isabella has been seeing Jennifer now for over 2 years, and Isabella absolutely adores Jen’s style of music therapy.  Jennifer always makes Isabella reach goals and strive to increase her range of vocal sounds.  Isabella is considered non-verbal, but with Jennifer she has a vocal voice that makes me the happiest mom in the world. Isabella uses mainly ASL  to communicate, which is sign language or her Communication Device. The best thing I can say is only certain people are given sign names by the deaf or for Isabella’s case apraxic person when they truly have something that fits their character as a sign. Isabella also being autistic tends not to make sign names for people, but she has made one up for Jennifer which I was so surprised and proud of Isabella and Jennifer. Isabella signs shows a j sign from her mouth down her chin, indicating Jen is for music, first I had no idea it was for Jennifer, until Isabella signed it again with the music sign. When I said is that your sign name for Mrs. Jen, Isabella nodded with the biggest grin. Most people wouldn’t understand the significants of this but for my daughter to show that much connection with a therapist makes me overjoyed.  Jen was able to break Isabella’s shell, and Isabella adores her time with Jen.  All I have to say or sign time for Jen and she is running to get into the car. Isabella lights up when she knows it is time for her session with Jen. 

Moreover, Jen’s outgoing but relaxed personality makes her approachable to all children and adults. Jen’s, voice is amazing, and the ability to come up with a therapy session every week that keeps Isabella motivated is truly remarkable.  Jen doesn’t give up either, sometimes Isabella might not be in the mood, so Jennifer will adapt her session depending on how Isabella is feeling on that specific day.  Isabella always comes out of the session excited and knowing she did her best, thanks to Jen’s motivation. Lastly, Jen’s compassion as a teacher is wonderful and also her passion for embracing music in all children is a talented gift.

- Paula P.


We love Miss Jen! My son Noah, 15, has been going to Jen’s music therapy for over two years once a week. When she moved from Speech and Language Specialties in Shrewsbury to private lessons, we were happy to move with her! Noah has autism and is mostly nonverbal, but loves music, so we thought music therapy would be a great way to help him improve and encourage speech. He has really enjoyed his music sessions and has increased his participation, repertoire of sounds and appreciation for music. Jen is so patient and enthusiastic  - her love of music and teaching is infectious.  She is able to adjust the sessions to accommodate Noah’s moods and tolerance on any given day, so that he gets the most out of his time.  Every week Noah asks for Miss Jen and looks forward to his music classes. I can’t say enough about her wonderful personality and professionalism. It is rare to find someone so qualified, friendly, encouraging and committed to bringing out the best in her students. I am happy to recommend Jen to anyone seeking a music therapist.

- Valerie F.