Babies (0-advanced crawling or mobility)

Jen and Michelle
Grafton - Jack's Guitar Garage (location map)
Thursday, 1:15 PM
09/14/17 - 11/09/17 (9 weeks)

Newborns through advanced crawling or mobility: This class is great way to enhance the bonding between parent/caregiver and child through music. In addition to the traditional Music Together® singing and movement activities, more class time is devoted to discussing how babies learn music and how to support your baby's musical development. Activities focus on basic tonality, stimulating your baby rhythmically, and dancing for and with your baby. For newborns through advanced crawling or mobility only. Classes include a variety of stimulating and fun adult-infant activities, offering new ways to play musically at home. Any caregiver can bring infant: nanny, grandparent, babysitter, or parents.