Weather Cancellation Policy

When are classes cancelled?
When the public schools in the town where your class is held are closed for the day because of weather, we will cancel our class(es), and if possible they will be made up at the end of the session. If there is a delay, we will most likely have class, with a possible delayed start time. If there is no school due to a power outage, please check on our website for updates or call 508-944-4360 with questions. If you have class on a weekend day, please check our website and your email for a notification of cancelled classes. Regardless of the local school closing, please use your own judgment regarding road and weather conditions. Your neighborhood or driveway may not be safe, even if school is in session in your town.

Website Updates
We will do our best to update our website and outgoing phone message by 8am with any class cancellations/delays for the day.  If our office experiences a power outage and we can't update the webpage, we will try to reach you by phone, but that type of storm is rare, and most likely all public venues will be closed, including our classes. 

Scheduling Makeups
Please avail yourself of the makeup scheduler rather than put yourself at risk. Your health and safety are paramount. Please remember to try to schedule your make-up(s) as soon as possible before all make-up seats have been booked, which happens often at the end of our sessions. We appreciate your taking the time to schedule make-ups in advance since it allows us to keep our class sizes manageable and preserve the quality of the musical classroom experience for everybody. Our online make-up scheduler is available 24/7 to reserve a make-up seat. 

If you have any questions, please call us at 508-944-4360.