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Want to know what our families think of us? Enjoy the testimonials below!

Dear Michelle,

We met with Avery's preschool teachers right before she finished school for the year and the one thing they told us is that she LOVES to sing and dance. They also told us that if we want her to learn anything (like our tax returns!) that we need to teach it to her in song. She knows the months of the year, the days of the week, etc. all because they've taught them to the kids in song. I told her teachers that we've been taking Avery to Music Together® since she was little, and that I'm sure that has something to do with her love of music.  Just thought I'd pass this on since you've been her music teacher this whole time.

 - Nicole P.

Dear Michelle,

Thank you! I have to tell you, ever since last week when Rick brought him to class and you all sang "Me, You, We," Sam had a lightbulb moment where he figured out what me and you means and every night before I put him to bed, he points to himself and says 'me' and then points to his mama and says 'you'. He really studies you in class and then comes home and repeats everything, Even the yoga moves in the beginning of class. We love your class so much:) We will be having another boy in July, so will be with you for many years to come:) 

- Surell and Sam

Good Morning Michelle,
I have to take a moment here to THANK YOU for bringing this experience to both my chldren. We love the songs and listen to them all of the time at home and in the car! It is interesting to see how Neer absolutely loves drums! I sometimes think he prefers that to the other class!

Miss Michelle and Miss Jen,

Thank you so much for introducing our daughter to music! You both were so wonderful and caring with Lydia and we cannot
thank you enough. We will always remember this class as her 1st class ever and that you both made it so special! Your enthusiasm for music shows. Keep touching the lives you do… and we won’t stop singing!

- Love, The Tevlins

Dear Michelle,
I just wanted to say thank you for these years of music classes! I have really treasured the opportunity to connect with Noah and Reece through music and dancing. You have also watched both boys grow - so lovely to have known you through this time! I so admire your vitality and joy of music and your flexibility and love of children. I hope that we can stay in touch.
-All my love, Rebecca


Thank you for inspiring my love of music, Miss Michelle!!


Dear Miss Michelle, (from son, Will) "I hope you enjoy your day so that you make sure you can go to the bathroom whenever you want."
 Thank you for an amazing music experience. You are music.
- Will & Nikki


Hi again Michelle,

I remembered that I wanted to write you and let you know how wonderful your class is. Bode loves the music so much, it has become so familiar to him (probably because we listen to it so much). If he is fussy at all, his Music Together® cd will quiet him and help him enjoy car rides during errands or get him through cranky times at the end of the day. My husband especially appreciates the "power of the music" because it works every single time. It also calms him when we just sing the songs to him - the cd is not always required! 

Bode is my first baby and we spend a lot of time together, making him a very clingy 12 month old - which I know is age appropriate! But, having this class to come to every week has really helped him be a little more sociable and has helped me overcome my own anxieties of meeting new people. The class is familiar and fun and he definitely remembers that. I think Bode is at a turning point in his shyness...this week anyway. 

I look forward to watching Bode turn into even more of a human, and a musical one at that! I am very happy to have found your class and you can count on us for the next 5-6 years or so (since there is another Littman brewing ??). See you tomorrow!

- Savannah

P.S. Bode has been making rhythms. He always hits his toys together but lately he's been hitting them twice and then hitting the ground twice and repeating. He does it clapping too! Just goes to show how much they really take in, it's so exciting. 

Simply stated, Miss Michelle is my daughter Taylor's hero. Miss MIchelle makes Taylor feel extremely special at every single class, while still doting on all of the other children. We both love how fun, silly and animated Miss Michelle is! She makes music so much fun!

Dear Miss Michelle,

My 19-month-old daughter has just finished her second session of Music Together, and we have had a wonderful experience so far! While Violet is often quiet and still in class, she watches Michelle with rapt attention and absorbs everything. Now, when I tell her we are going to a class that morning, she sings "Hello Everybody" right back to me every time. She also sings several of the songs to herself when she is getting ready to nap and when we're riding in the car. The program is so rewarding for both of us, and I have a good time singing, too!
- Virginia

Thank you for helping my love of music BLOOM!
- Love Garion

Kind of random and off topic but my son has music therapy with Jen Lentz! He has autism and is non verbal. I'll tell you I've seen him respond more to music therapy than any other speech therapy he's been getting through the years. I wish I knew about Music Together when he was younger.  It's pretty amazing. Just thought you'd like to hear that :)


Miss Michelle,
Thank you for being such a wonderful, kind, and caring teacher. We look forward to many years of music class with you! 
 - Love, Alex & Elizabeth, Luke & Jenn, Alice & Jill, Julia & Heidi, AnnaMaria & Katie


Dear Michelle,
Thank you for all the effort and love you put into your music classes. Margaret, Will (and even Aidan) and I have truly benefitted and will be singing these songs and be connected by this experience through our lives. We will be sure to stop in to visit -
- Nikki 


MT has been a huge part of my life since Emma was 1, in large part due to our beloved teacher in Alexandria, VA. Did I tell you that I went into labor with Zach during class? It has truly become a part of the fabric of my life! I was curious how things would go/change when we moved here, but feel SO lucky we found YOU! You are a truly amazing and passionate teacher and it brings our family a lot of joy - so thank you!!!! It's part of our week I very much look forward to :)


Hi Michelle 
You’re a blast! 
Love, Henry and Charlie


Thank you so much for a great year. Grace gets so much out of your class. And it was so nice to expose Ella to music so early in life. 
- Elizabeth 

Teacher Michelle, 
Thanks for making my birthday so special, I will never forget it. I loved having you dancing and singing with me at my house. Thanks again for everything.
Love, Olivia

Michelle – Than you for welcoming Christina to the world – you are a big part of our family. I look forward to bringing Christina through the M. T. program.
Lots of Love, the Mancini’s


Dear Michelle,

Just wanted to say thank you for playing "Walk Like An Egyptian" for play along today - this was my father's favorite song (apparently I used to call him "wayo" when I was Noah's age). He passed away when I was younger and this week was the anniversary, so this coincidence meant a lot to me! Another reason music is so powerful!



Hi Michelle -

We had a blast with you this past weekend! Your energy filled the room and Logan was singing and dancing all day.
All the best,

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for offering this wonderful class!

- Cindy 


Hi Michelle,

We are looking forward to another fun semester of music!!


Thanks for a great semester!
- Patrick, Luke, Lice, Alex, Julia, Anna Maria, Drew, Julia & Oscar 


Hi Michelle,

I hope you had a great summer! Emily is looking forward to both Music Together and Rhythm Kids. Thanks!



We miss music class like crazy!! Can't wait to see you in September!


Hi Michelle,

Just wanted to say that Ahmee's baby sister was born yesterday! I'm going to register them both for class. I'm sure she'll love it as much as Ahmee! - Jonetta


I will be signing up again for another session- we love it!!

Thank you, Val