Why Music?

Why Music?

Why is music so important to your children, to you, to your family, and to humanity? Three times per year, Music Together® teachers are trained utilizing the latest research on music, children and all the myriad subjects and ideas involved. We are also supplied with a monthly newsletter, online networks, and mentors to help us help you incorporate music into your and your children's lives. Below are just a few articles and videos that may introduce you to some of these concepts, inspire you to learn more, and instruct you about recent research. Enjoy!

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Miss Michelle

The Unique Benefits of Mother/Baby Songtime
-by Traci Pederson

Singing to Children May Help Develop Language Skills
-published by The Guardian

"Bridges & Barriers"
- by Ithaca College School of Music DeanKDarl Paulnack

Study Suggests Group Drumming is Better Than Prozac
- by Alexa Ericson

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain
 -by Anita Collins

8 Essential Life Skills Children Can Learn Through Drumming
- by Norm Jones through The Children's Music Network Blog